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Woman With a Necklace - Amedeo Modigliani

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Karin Daymond(South African, b.1967)

holy crap

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" Take a young girl.
Fill her with ice and gin
shake it all up to make it androgynous
And return her to her family
Hello, hello, operator don’t cut me off
Ah! how sad it is to be the king of animals,
Nobody says a word
Oh! Love is the worst of evils
Take a young girl,
Fill her with ice and gin
Put a slight drop of angostura on her mouth
I knew a man very unhappy in love
Who played Chopin’s nocturnes on the drum
Hello, hello, operator don’t cut me off
I was talking to….I was talking to the….hello, hello?
Nobody says a word.
—don’t you find that art is a bit…..
We tell children wash your hands
We don’t tell ‘em wash your teeth…..
Soft caramel—

Jean Cocteau, Soft Caramel

Yiannis Tsaroychis. Cafe ”Neon” at night. 1965.

Pierre Bonnard. The White Cat. 1894.

" Make it all up — but make it up so truly that later it will happen that way. "

Ernest Hemingway, from a letter to F. Scott Fitzgerald 

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Paul Cézanne. Chateau Noir. 1904.

" I am an instinctivist—even if it is too late. "

Anaïs Nin in a letter to Henry Miller