cant believe i got brozoned again


I made this for Dave

To read Frank O’Hara and think of Drake is brilliance. To make them both work together is fuggin’ classy ah’ hell. 

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ah fuck am i really going back to california 

People In The Sun by Edward Hopper (1960)

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Vincenzo Vela c. 1861-1862

Italy Grateful to France (detail)

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the adoration of christ

" Ms. Adler condensed her theme in “Speedboat” this way: “I think when you are truly stuck, when you have stood still in the same spot for too long, you throw a grenade in exactly the spot you were standing in, and jump, and pray. It is the momentum of last resort.” "

Catherine Lacey’s ‘Nobody Is Ever Missing’ - 

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Woman with Cigarette by Nicolai Fechin, 1917 

*drunk woman with cigarette lol